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Presentation of ABC Editions


                Who we are

ABC’éditions: publisher of contemporary theatre located in Seine-Saint-Denis.

A structure working on two axes of intervention (editorial publications and theatrical actions)

Jean-Jacques M’U: agrégé de Lettres (a high diploma in literature), born in 1952, self-educated person coming from popular Education.

Denis Masot: 20-year-old student in political science. Activity leader. Civil disobedient person.


What we do

Publications: two series

-SPECT’AUTEURS “Les voies du dire” (in blue, devoted to texts by authors)

-SPECT’ACTEURS “Les voix du faire (in red, devoted to criticism and to bilingual work)


Creative writings, image-theatre: regular monitoring and interventions (workshops, trainings…)


The groups work on their own themes: violence, misinformation, harassment, loneliness…

Own stories rendered anonymous, debate-representation in small groups, putting into play and publication.


Methods: problem-situations (“Groupe français d’éducation nouvelle”) and Theatre of the Oppressed.


The theatrical tool to promote speech: person/character distinction, studying urge/desire, will/ability, oppression/manipulation, I criticize/I suggest…


What we are preparing

Work in progress:

-“OMBRES DE L’EAU PAR GROS TEMPS”: exchange of artistic and cultural practices which democratize politics

-“FEINTISES, ou l’art d’apparaître”: aesthetical and ethical questions at the Conservatoire national d’art dramatique

-“LES INVISIBLES”: picturing techniques servicing social protest marches


Long term: opening stage practices to human rights

-WORKSHOPS: outside of Paris and abroad “POUR UN MONDE SANS MURS” (“For a world without walls” - World Charter of Migrants)…

- JAN SATYAGRAHA international marches for dignity and against poverty…

- Theatre of the Oppressed Muktadhara international festival (Jana Sanskriti, in Bengal)

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